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We are SmartApps, a Belgian / Dutch initiative who deliver enterprise smart client solutions.

We believe that a webbrowser is not always the best environment for running backoffice applications. SmartApps brings the power of client server technology back to your business, by combining the strength of client server and web technology into smart client applications. Our applications are built using Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP.

Together, with Java technology, we create fast, attractive and intuitive Rich Client Applications for every company.

We create Smart Clients applications that run on the desktop or in the browser from a single code source. To the user , a Smart Client looks as beautiful as a web application but feels like a fast and sturdy as a desktop application.

To achieve this, we use the Eclipse RCP and Eclipse RAP framework because these integrate both worlds perfectly while offering a very rich, fast and intuitive user experience.

Our team is made up of experienced developers, UI designers and architects.